Snoqualmie Market

Serving the community for over 60 years

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Big and Local brands

We offer an excelent assortment of products made locally and big brands alike. From candybars to pancake flou, Snoqualmie Market has it always at the best prices.


Micro Brews

We offer a huge selection of microbrews for you to enjoy at the most competitive prices. Six packs, liter, or take home a Growler filled directly from our taps. We make sure to keep the taste flowing!


Pay bills and more

To add convenience, we offer money tranfer services like RIA®, Sigue® and Moneygram®. Pay your bills while on your beer and snack run. DVD/Blu-ray rentals AND MORE! We strive to keep our customers happy.

Best product selection at the best prices

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Our History

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In the heart of Historic Snoqualmie

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